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The Isle of Wight is the largest of all England's islands and is situated five miles off the coast of Hampshire. There is nowhere more romantic for dating in Isle of Wight locations than Osborne House which was designed for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert as their summer retreat. Walk through the house and imagine the home of a loving family which Queen Victoria still visited after the Prince's death. Her beloved friend and companion John Browne is also buried there. Sandown Beach with its mile of soft sandy beaches provides the perfect backdrop for romantic strolls and paddling in the shallows.

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A perfect spot for a picnic on a sunny day for Isle of Wight singles has to be Bembridge Windmill; it is the last remaining windmill on the island. There are over two hundred and seventy restaurants on the island, serving food from every continent and prices to suit all budgets. For those seeking the traditional pub dates then the Isle of Wight has an abundance, from a tiny thatched inn in a remote hamlet to bustling hostelries of the island's major towns.

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In this day and age, internet dating is the best way to find a potential partner. The Isle of Wight may be a small island but it has the potential to find you true love. Whatever you want to do, Love Isle of Wight Singles makes it so easy for you to meet singles to go dating with, so what are you waiting for? Join for free today!